Barking: what to do?

You have just welcomed a new companion into your home. Unfortunately, after the first days of novelty, you realize that your dog is barking more and more and causing real noise nuisance.

Why does a dog bark?

A barking dog can do so for several reasons: :

  • to attract attention or signal its presence

  • to warn of the presence of an intruder (guard dog) or prey (hunting dog)

  • out of fear: facing a noise or a stranger.

  • this fear very quickly turns into a threat to show his boredom: the dog does not have enough games or physical activity

  • in the excitement of the game

  • manifest a behavioral disorder: hyperactivity, anxiety, relationship problem.

The different solutions

A dog that barks a lot is never a trivial thing. Before considering how to stop him from barking, consult your veterinarian to rule out any pathological problems, especially hypothyroidism.

Once the cause of the barking has been identified, it will always be easier to find a suitable solution. Whether it is through a dog trainer, or a simple training you can do from home.

Responding well to a dog that barks too much

Never yell and keep calm. Never punish. Instead, use the technique of positive reinforcement with a reward (treat, pet, or vocal encouragement) for every time your dog obeys your order to stop barking. Gradually remove the reward until the dog obeys the first command.

Correct unwanted behavior

To make learning the expected behavior more fun, you can also resort to using a clicker to train a dog that barks too much.

Also remember to distract his attention through play. Be careful, this technique only works with dogs that do not bark for attention.

If this is the case with the animal, try to ignore it by reminding yourself that even if you reprimand it, your dog will take it as a show of care and will therefore continue to have this annoying behavior.

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Barking dog: What to do if it fails?

If, however, you cannot stop your dog from barking, do not hesitate to contact a training school or a behaviorist. As a last resort you can use an anti-bark collar available here.

Warning: the ANITECH anti-bark collar solution is painless, support for your dog is essential.

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